Distribution and export wine company, Prier Vinexpert Romania, won the Most Dynamic SME award after competing with Castel Films, Corine Gealan, Romania Data Systems and Softwin. Prier become in a short time well known on the wine distribution market as found a niche on the local market which has pushed them forward on the first place in the sector, according to general manager Cătălin Păduraru.

 “We were lucky in the beginning because the leaders of the wine marjet at that time did not take us seriously and this gave us time to develop and become number one in high quality wine distribution,” said Păduraru.

 Now Prier has two subsidiaries: Vinexpert, which has four employees and deals with a wine gallery and organization if wine tastings or other events where wine must be present, and Master Grafit Media, with an 18 – staff, which handles their public image.

 According to Păduraru, Prieir reports a turnover of almost 500,000 USD monthly. 1999 was the worst during their existance as in the middle of the year, the company reported losses of thousands of dollars because of some changes in the legislation, but Prier managed to rebalance the copmpany’s balance sheet by year-end.

 Păduraru is most proud that Prier penetrated inaccessible markets such as France and California, where the company has exported Romanian wine. He is also importer of French wine from Bordeaux and the Loire Valley. Prier’s main supplier is Vinia Iaşi but the company also works with Cotnari and Dealu Mare. Among its clients are Athenee Palace Hilton, Otopeni Airport, all Bucharest casinos, and the local supermarkets Mega Image, La Fourmi, Billa and Gima.

 Although Păduraru is a graduate of the Academy of Theater and Film, he chose a career as an entrepreneur rather than a career as a movie star. “ I gave up a carrer as an actor because film production was declining,” said Păduraru. “ Wine was not something new for me because my father was a wine producer,” he added.

 And his efforts paid off, as his company has won this year’s “Most Dynamic SME” Award.

 “It is a great honor for me to receive this award. Now my new language is wine language and I invite you all to speak it.” Cătălin Păduraru, general manager Prier – Vinexpert.
by Cristina Butunoiu

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