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For Christians, the end of April is marked by the Resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Beyond the emotion of the moment, the symbol of Jesus’ blood gains new meanings in the traditional clash of wine glasses. But not (just) any wine…
If you read in the previous issue about the shortcomings in the Romanian wine industry, now we have the opportunity to explore the top products of this field. We thought of presenting three of the most important Romanian wines produced in the last two years. We called on one of the very best specialists of this field: Luci Pirvu, tasting expert and wine expert for VINEXPERT Company. She will be the guide of our senses: tasting, smelling and visualizing, describing these real winery gems.

Pinot Noir 1999 Special Reserve

Prahova Valley
: Dealu Mare
Grape variety: Pinot Noir
Medals*: Great Gold Medal in the World Wine Competition – Bruxelles 2002

The expert opinion:
Colour: deep garnet, brilliant
Smell: remarkable, with great complexity, aromas of forest fruit: black – berries, bilberries, cherries, completed with spicy sensations: allspice, pepper, delicate cigars.
: dry wine, generous, silky but with evident tannins, vigorous, well-balanced (extract, alcohol, acidity), fruity, aromas and a very long persistence.
     Wine with a special intensity and tasty quality, excellent harmony. This wine represents a “true evasion” to France, in the classic region of Pinot Noir, Bourgogne.
Recommended dish: red meat, all cheeses
Serving temperature: 180 C

Feteasca Neagra 2000 Black Peak

: Vanju Mare
Grape variety: Feteasca Neagra
Medals*: Gold Medal in the UGIR National Room “House of wine” – Noble Wines 2002

The expert opinion:
Colour: intense red with ruby shades
Smell: pleasing, cheerful, discreet, but complex, red fruit, aromas of dry plums completed with spicy aromas of allspice and pepper.
Taste: dry wine, complex, silky, well-balanced, vigorous, with a beautiful presentation of tannins resulted from the ageing process in oak barrels.
     Wine with typical grape characteristics and good persistence. A distinguished local wine with good personality, it may be served at the present, but it may also be successfully preserved in time.
Recommended dish: barbecue, red meat, smoked cheese
Serving temperature: 180 C

Chardonnay 2000 La Cetate

Carl Reh Winery
Vineyard: Cernavoda
Grape variety: Chardonnay
Medals*: Gold Medal in the National Wine Competition – NOVVIN & Drinktec 2002

The expert opinion:
Colour: golden, intense, clear and brilliant
Smell: elegant, silky, flowery characteristics, vanilla and oak aromas.
Taste: dry wine, soft, unctuous, round, silky, complex, vigorous, well – balanced and persistent.
     Delicate oak and vanilla sensations, resulted from the ageing process in barriques for 12 months
     A delicate and elegant wine, which may successfully challenge other Chardonnay of the New World
Recommended dish: poultry, salads, fish
Serving temperature: 100 – 120 C
* Each of these wines has won several medals in the past. We mentioned only the most important ones.

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