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Altough the quality of Romanian wine is improving, recognition still needs to mature argues Catalin Paduraru of Vinexpert.

This October and November have offered two full months with events for wine lovers as the temperature of the contest between choosing the queen of wines was raised by a few degrees. The first wine competition, organized by IBD/GTZ, found a princess of wines in the local Tarnave region.

Then came another great event: the second edition of the International Wine Contest. This competition, managed by the National Association of Wine and Vineyard Owners, The Authorized Wine Tasters Association and the International Wine Organization is still trying to find its identity and consequently become more well-established in order to attract more competitors, especially from abroad.

However, I believe that in order for the event to attract more credibility and prestige, an improvement in the judging rules or more well-defined categories is needed. In aiming to give an objective view, the organisers brought in jury members from abroad, but that will not convince people in the industry of fairness, especially as members of the jury, both Romanians and foreigners, were employees of competing companies.

I would not question the moral integrity of the judges, nor their ability to analyse the samples on display, but I am just suggesting there is a better way .

Also the distinct categories needed a separate interpretation and attractive marketing concepts, such as thoise of J.P.Chenet, cannot be mixed with classic wines.

In the future, it would also be better for the samplers to know what is analyzed, as it was not clear at this contest whether the samples were taken from shelf wines or laboratory samples and why the vintage wines were together with the fresh ones.

Some of the competing wines that received gold prizes came from Domeniile Stirbey, Cotnari, Halewood, Recas, Murfatlar, Blaj and Serve. But it is still worth mentioning that some big names were missing, which make us believe there is still room for improvement.

  Later the winners in this contest were introduced to the public through two exhibitions, Romwine (World Trade Plaza) and Expodrink (Romexpo). Here, connoisseurs were given the chance to tell the difference between wines the competition considered of the same quality.

But the debate on good wine will continue, and we can only hope the third edition will see us better informed.

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