Best years of our lives

Welcome in the New Year. I hope 2006 will be bright, jolly and friendly, just like a good wine.
Many of us are still in a quiet period when it comes to talking about an appetite for wine. It’s not necessarily the excess, but the holiday’s abundance that can turn January and February into ‘non-wine’ months and, generally speaking, a less than good time-frame for culinary experiences.
However, I have a remedy, better said, a proposal that will help keep a good spirit in the grey and cold atmosphere, because we all know wine makes us jollier and more optimistic.
Let’s try some old sweet wines from the Murfatlar Research Station.
Old and sweet? You ask. Are you sure? When everybody recommends young and dry wines?
Well, yes, and I have several arguments.
First of all, an old and valuable wine does not follow the ‘fashions’ of a certain period. Going further, an old wine is tasted, and the consumed quantities are small. Also an old wine is less suitable for a warmer season, as its complex aromas are best revealed in the winter.
Sweetness is also an argument. Even knowledgeable consumers, those elevated ones who usually take dry wine, cannot deny the necessity of having a glass of good, sweet wine every once in a while. The sweetness instantly creates a feeling of satisfaction in the brain and gives a brighter inner feeling compared to the grim outside.
At the Murfatlar Research Station wines are kept in great conditions and the years are getting better and better. No doubt, you cannot find that many places in the world to have sweet red wines at this time. If only to satisfy your curiosity, look for a Pinot Noir 1944.
From 1960 to 1985, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, as well, are sweet or semidry at the most, although there us a dry Merlot from 1985.
There are moments in this time-frame that would allow us to search deep into our minds (in no particular order): the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe, the end of the civil war in Algeria, the first trip to space, the Beatles, Vietnam, Martin Luther King, Nehru, Che Guevara, Airbus, hippies, Joe Cocker, Bob Dylan, Concorde, Juan Carlos takes the throne, Bjorn Borg wins Wimbledon, the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty, the election of Pope John Paul II and the Louvre gets a glass pyramid.
In one way or another, each one of us has been ‘touched’ in a special way by each year. A song, a political event or even a love affair.
A discreet witness, however, will always remain the wine.
And if we’re talking about memories, why not make them sweet?

PULLED QUOTE: Old wine is less suitable for a warmer season as its complex aromas are best revealed in the winter

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